Wesfield Construction is one of the premier JOC contractors in the Tri-State Area. We currently hold contracts for three agencies, the USPS, NJPA, and DCAMM.

USPS: New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island
NJPA: Vermont & New Hampshire
DCAMM: Western, Central, N.E. S.E.

What is job order contracting?

Job Order Contracting is an effective method to completing projects of various size, typically maintenance or small renovations, without the use of typical time & money consuming practices, such as extensive architectural and/or engineering. JOC is a useful tool for municipalities, non-profits and organizations such as the United States Postal Service to complete general maintenance or service items quickly and efficiently.

For questions regarding the ins & outs of job order contracting, please contact Mike Momaney, our JOC specialist.