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Direction & Construction Update

Welcome to Wesfield Construction Co. Inc.

Since the opening of Wesfield Construction in 1996, we have developed a reputation of high quality products and top tier project management. Wesfield has successfully completed projects in a variety of sizes, from under $100,000 to $8 million, and we feel our hands-on approach with customers has allowed for continued success.Wesfield is one of the oldest Construction firms in the Cheshire/Windham area.


Wesfield Construction prides itself on a safe working environment  not only for our employees, but for all involved in any project.

Wesfield engages in strict, site specific safety planning to prevent any accidents and makes sure all employees are well trained in case a workplace accident does occur. All of our employees are OSHA Certified. For any questions regarding our safety measure, please do not hesitate to contact our Safety Manager.

 Wesfield's EMR rating for 2014 is .79 , demonstrating our commitment to workplace safety. Also, our Insurance rates are some of the best in the business, saving our clients thousands in insurance costs for Builder's Risk and Bond requirements.

Wesfield reminds it's employees that, "Safety is No Accident"!

For more information regarding Wesfield and their insurance coverage please contact our representative, Adam Osha, at Kinney Pike Insurance in White River Junction, VT at (802) 295-3329

Please visit OSHA's website at https://www.osha.gov/ for any further questions about Construction Safety.